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food sensitivity & intolerance

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Common conditions

  • IBS, bloating & recurrent abdominal pain
  • Constipation and diarrhoea
  • Indigestion & inflammatory bowel conditions
  • Asthma, rhinitis and glue ear
  • Eczema & urticaria
  • Headache, migraine & hyperactivity
  • Inflamed joints and muscle pain

A big concern for an increasing number of our patients is the very real problem of food intolerance and sensitivity which can lead to diverse and polysystemic symptoms. These symptoms are often not easily explained with conventional diagnostic methods. Food intolerance and sensitivity is an adverse reaction to certain foods that occurs every time the food is eaten, particularly if larger quantities are consumed or if the food is eaten very regularly.

It doesn’t involve the immune system and is generally not life-threatening. Neither is it the same as food poisoning, which is caused by toxic substances that would cause symptoms in anyone who ate the food. Food intolerance doesn't include psychological reactions to food either. But if someone eats a food they are intolerant to, this could make them feel ill or affect their long-term health.

Once there is a state of reasonable balance in the allergy meridian it is possible to run a food sensitivity test. The balanced meridian is tested against the subtle bioenergetic signatures of 125 different foods. Some may pull the meridian out of balance which is an indicator for sensitivity or intolerance to that food.

You must have read a number of articles saying what you should or should not eat, drink or take as a supplement. The information can often contradict other articles or books that you have read. Have you noticed how the advice can work perfectly for some people but does not seem to be the right solution for you? What is fine for one person can be quite unsuitable for another. Therefore an accurate health programme can only be calculated after an individual assessment. The BioMeridian MSAS System has the ability to quickly screen the body for food sensitivities and intolerances. It can also screen for bio-energetic indicators for vitamin, mineral and hormone imbalances. Evaluations can then be made for changes in eating patterns and/or taking dietary supplements.

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