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We have moved!

After 10 happy years at No 8 Chilston Road, the Atman Clinic team of Osteopaths (Geoffrey Montague-Smith, Francois Mezei, Nicola Fellows, Juby Bowman, Victoria Jones and Callum Gaterell) have relocated to:

108 St Johns Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN4 9PH (next to the BUPA dentist).

To book an appointment or if you have any questions please call us on the same number 01892 544783
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We look forward to seeing you soon!

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If you are driving from the town centre and are on St Johns Road, continue towards Southborough. On your right you will pass Skinners School and Costa Coffee (Tesco Metro will be on your left). The clinic driveway is on the right hand side opposite the bus stop next to a vacant plot of land on one side and the BUPA dentist on the other.

Tunbridge Wells' premier centre
for complementary health
Tel: 01892 544 783

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psychotherapy/counselling: paul gray

Paul Gray

MSc CBt, D.Hyp, PDCBHyp

To make an appointment or for more information please call Paul on
07879 634220

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Paul has a Masters Degree in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) from the University of London. He offers the professional and confidential treatment of depression, anxiety and panic disorders, OCD, anger problems, eating disorders, weight control, the treatment of unwanted behaviours such as smoking and other addictions and other psychologically unwanted problems. In fact, any personal problems relating to the emotions of anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, hurt, shame, jealousy and envy and the treatment of conditions associated with these emotions may be targeted for change.

CBT pays particular attention to how a person’s thoughts and behaviours influence the development and maintenance of their emotional problems. The model uses a framework to assess any unhelpful thinking, irrational attitudes and dysfunctional behaviours an individual may be using that are resulting in his or her emotional disturbance and goal frustration.

Clients are encouraged to get scientific, test out their thoughts in relation to reality and to develop a more accurate, rational and philosophical approach to life by adopting flexible, non-extreme, self-helping and importantly self, other and world-accepting attitudes and beliefs.

The therapeutic process itself is ‘active-directive’ in nature and seeks not just to educate the client about the determinants of his/her psychological problems but to also put this learning into everyday practice, using cognitive, emotive and behavioural techniques to help the individual to change. It is a practical, commonsense goal-directed, systematic and problem-solving approach to addressing issues. Therapy is ideally ‘challenging but not overwhelming’ with the therapist supporting the patient and helping them utilise their strengths and resources to build new psychological and practical skills.

The model does recognise other predisposing and precipitating factors such as genetics and views environmental stress as important. However the client’s perspective and agency are seen as the main focus of change. The desired outcome is to relieve symptoms, acquire coping strategies and to adopt more helpful underlying attitudes and beliefs.

Paul also has Practitioner Diplomas in both Clinical and Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy and sometimes combines cognitive behavioural therapy techniques with hypnosis. When used within a strategic and therapeutic framework hypnosis can act as a powerful catalyst for maximising potential, gaining insight and for changing self-limiting beliefs and behaviours. Paul is a member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis, an organisation that exists to ensure that all recommended therapists have proper training and abide by a strict ethical code of practice.

Sessions last approximately an hour and cost £80.

paul gray

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