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osteopathy: geoffrey montague-smith

Geoffrey Montague-Smith D.O.

(Principal Osteopath & Atman Clinic Founder)

To make an appointment or for more information please call Geoff on
01892 544783

email: info@atmanclinic.co.uk
web: www.atmanclinic.co.uk

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Geoffrey qualified from the British School of Osteopathy in 1989 with the prize for Osteopathic Technique and has been in practice for over 22 years. Geoffrey founded the Atman Clinic in 1995 as a centre of excellence for Holistic Osteopathic Medicine. Geoffrey's unique holistic approach to his patients health combines advanced osteopathic techniques with EAV, vibrational medicine and spiritual psychotherapeutics for the treatment of a wide variety of conditions often succeeding where allopathic medicine may have failed.

Geoffrey specialises in the treatment of expectant mothers and babies and has spent years developing and refining specific protocols for Ante-Natal birth prep which in many cases have been shown to reduce time spent in labour and improve the outcome of natural childbirth birth without intervention. (see Birth Prep and Testimonials for further details). Geoffrey has written several articles for the press on the subject of Optimal Foetal Positioning and has lectured to midwives at Sussex University.

Geoffrey also has a London Clinic at 86 Harley Street please contact reception on 01892 544783 to make an appointment and enquire about fees for the London practice

I visited Geoffrey at the Atman Clinic when I was 38 weeks pregnant. I had been suffering from a very bad back and as I had had bad back pains during my last labour I was anxious to avoid these for this birth. Geoffrey worked wonders, so much so that my labour was relatively back pain free and as a wonderful bonus my labour time was significantly reduced due to the worked Geoffrey carried out on my pelvis and sacrum. If you are expecting a baby I would definitely recommend a visit to the Atman Clinic.

Allison Addison


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