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osteopathy: joan miller

Joan Miller BscOst Hons

To make an appointment or for more information please call Joan on
07964 518459


Clinic appointment hours:
9-1pm on Saturdays

email: osteo.joanmiller@btinternet.com
web: www.atmanclinic.co.uk

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is an established primary healthcare system of diagnosis and treatment that recognises the role of the musculoskeletal system in the healthy functioning of the body. This included assessing and treating faults in joints, muscles, liagments, tendons,membranes and nerves any where in the body-not just the back!

The musculosketal system is pivotal in maintaining good health.The body has a natural ability to self repair and self regulate. Osteopaths rely on this innate healing ability to return their patients to good health. Osteopathy is not just about treating symptoms,we are trained to seek out the underlying cause of symptoms, this maybe due to recent or old injury, postural strains, stress or underlying disease.


Is a form of manual medicine. The Osteopath uses their hands to carry out treatment, using a variety of treatment methods according to the age and problem of each individual.

To restore function the Osteopath gently applies a precise amount of force to promote movement in bodily fluids, elimiate dysfunction in motion of tissues, release compressed bones and joints to promote structural and functional realignment.

Cranial Osteopathy involves using gentle techniques, which can be used safely and effectively to treat Babies, Infants, Children and Adults.


The first consutlation will approximately last one hour to allow for the Case History, Examination and any appropriate Treatment

Follow on treatments approximately 30 mins

Adults New patient £45 approximately 1hr appt
Follow up £40 30 minute appt
Babies/under 5yrs First £45
Follow up £37


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